South Bay Hiking

I live in San Jose Santa Clara county in the South Bay area. One thing I love about this location is the abundance of county park lands and open areas. Unlike many of the Santa Clara county parks located further North, the south bay parks are relatively uncrowded.

When I hike I always take 2 things with me - my digital camera and my Magellan GPS. I am currently experimenting with ways of combining these technologies into geo-encoded presentations. This is a relatively new field, and while there are software packages that try to tie the two together, they are still relativel immature. One of the best ones I've found so far is TopoFusion, which was used to generate the pages below.

The pages below include an overview map/aerial view that shows the location of where each picture was taken. Click on the camera icon to display the picture. Additionally, each picture is geo-coded. If you have an application that can read EXIF headers, you can read the latitude and longitude (and a lot of other information) directly from the image.

Santa Teresa County Park

Sunnyvale Baylands